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Car hire France
  • Biarritz
  • Bordeaux
  • Cannes
  • Carcassonne
  • Chambery
  • Cherbourg
  • Dieppe
  • Dijon
  • Grenoble
  • Le Havre
  • Lyon
  • Marseille
  • Montpellier
  • Nancy
  • Nice Airport
  • Paris
  • Charles De Gaulle Intl Airport
  • Paris Orly Airport
  • Reims
  • St Tropez
  • St.Etienne
  • Strasbourg
  • Toulouse

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    Rental branches include; Amiens Angers Annecy Antibes Arras Auray Aurillac Auxurre Avallon Avignon Avranches Beaune Beauvais Bergerac Bernay Beziers Biarritz Biarritz Airport Blagnac Airport Bordeaux Boulogne Billancourt Boulogne Sur Mer Bourg En Bresse Bourges Boutheon Airport Brest Brive Cannes Cannes La Bocca Car hire France Carcassonne Carcassonne Airport Castres Cavaillo Chambery Chamonix Cherbourg Charles de Gaulle Airport Clermont Cluses Cognac Deauville Dieppe Dijon Dinard Airport Dinard Dunkerque Fontainebleau France Geneva Granville Grasse Grenoble Joigny La Garde La Plagne La Roche Sur Yon La Rochelle Le Creusot Le Havre Le Mans Le Puy Limoges Lyon Macon Marseille Marseille Airport Marseille Vitrolles Megeve Meribel-Mottaret Metz Migennes Moissac Monaco Montpellier Morzine Mougins Moulins Moutiers Mulhouse Mulhouse Airport Nancy Nantes Nice Airport Nice Nice Port Nimes Orly Ouest Orly Sud Paris Paris Orly Airport Pau Perigueux Perpignan Poitiers Reims Rennes Rochefort Rodez Saint Etienne Sens St Etienne St Etienne Airport St Germain En Laye St Malo St Omer St Tropez Strasbourg Airport Strasbourg car hire Toulouse Airport Toulouse car hire

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    Fully Inclusive car hire France prices include:
    Comprehensive Insurance
    Airport fees & local surcharges
    Loss / Collision Damage Waiver
    Unlimited mileage

    Advice car hire France is an independent car hire and rental Agent - we endevour to get you discounted deals, providing cheap car hire in France from Airports and city center locations. Car hire Lyon Airport gives you the opportunity to set off and explore as soon as you arrive in France. Or car hire Charles de Gaulle Airport Paris may well be your starting point. Car hire Nice Airport and car hire Biarritz Airport are popular places to fly into to start your French holiday.

    Our suppliers are some of Europe's largest car hire and car rental operators. Car hire France offers great 'value for money' for hire cars. Check out our car hire help section if there is anything you don't understand in the car hire booking process.

    Hire car in France - and remember
    Children must be at least 10 years old to sit in the front seat of a hire car. Children under 10 years of age must be seated in the rear and have seat belts on or be in an approved child seat. The use of seat belts is compulsory for front- and rear-seat passengers. Car hire companies can supply child seats at extra cost if advised in advance.

    Road signs to be aware of when driving a hire car in France;
    Priorite a Droite and other road signs;
    In urban areas, the 'priorité' still applies and you must give way to vehicles coming out of a side-turning on the right. However the 'priorité' rule no longer applies at roundabouts: now give way to cars already on the roundabout

    All roads of any significance outside urban areas have a right of way called 'passage protégé' and are marked by one of these three signs: A flashing red traffic light means Do not enter; flashing amber means Caution; flashing yellow arrows mean give way (cèdez le passa).

    Speed Limits must be observed when driving a hire car in France
    Unless otherwise posted and on dry roads:
    Speed limit in France 130 km/h on toll motorways
    Speed limit in France 110 km/h on dual carriageways and motorways without tolls
    Speed limit in France 90 km/h on other roads,
    Speed limit in France 50km/h in towns.
    Town name starts the Speed limit on French roads, a bar through the town name is the de-restriction sign.

    Driving on wet roads in France;
    Speed limit in France 110 km/h on toll motorways
    Speed limit in France 110 km/h on dual carriageways and non toll motorways,
    Speed limit in France 80 km/h on other roads.

    New Speed Limit of 50 km/h:
    Speed limit in Franceon motorways in foggy conditions, when visibility is less than 50 m. Rappel means a continuation of the restriction.
    There is a minimum speed limit of 80 km/h (or 50 mph) for the Outside Lane on motorways, during daylight, on level ground, and with good visibility.

    Parking your hire car in France; Pay-and-display machines (horodateurs) are usued in France. Unless otherwise indicated, parking is free of charge from 7pm to 9am and on weekends, public holidays, and during the whole of August. Provincial towns often offer free parking from noon to 1.30pm. The tariff and time limit are shown on the machine. FF1, FF2, FF5 and FF10 coins are accepted. Press the red button to get a ticket for your hire car. Larger cities have Blue Zones where parking discs or tickets must be displayed on vehicle dashboards. The discs or tickets may be obtained from tourist offices, certain shops, and police stations. Illegally parked hire cars may be wheel-clamped or towed away.

    Don't park your hire car where the curb is painted yellow. If, based on whether the date is even or odd, parking is allowed on one side of the street or the other, signs reading Coté du Stationnement, jour pairs (even) or impairs (odd) are in place. Parking on the left side of a street is allowed along one-way streets only.

    Fuel for your hire car To fill your hire car at fuel stations please note the following; the blue pump dispenses leaded regular petrol with an octane rating of 98 Few hire cars in France will run on leaded fuel. The green pumps dispense unleaded petrol, known as essence sans plomb. Super unleaded petrol has an octane rating of 95 or 98. Often, diesel fuel is called by its English name; otherwise, diesel is called gas-oil or gaz-oil. Most hire cars in France will be unleaded or diesel. LPG is called Gaz de pétrole liquéfié. Fuel is more expensive along the autoroutes than at supermarkets; Most credit cards are accepted for payment of fuel. You can pay at a booth or by inserting your card into a machine near the pumps.

    Driving a hire car on a motorway in France France has over 8 000 kilometres of motorways, mostly toll roads 'autoroutes à péage' on which tolls are charged. On sections of autoroutes near to large cities no toll is charged When you enter an autoroute, take a ticket from the gate machine. This ticket identifies your starting point on the autoroute. You do not pay a toll until you reach your exit point. Automatic toll machines at exits (insert your ticket) take credit cards or coins and give change and, if required, receipts.

    Penalties to be aware of if you hire a car;
    Drink and Drive a hire car:
    The limit is 0.05 per cent alcohol. Random breath tests are frequent. The fines for exceeding the drinking level from 900 FF to 30,000 FF. Police are authorised to impose and collect fines on the spot up to 2,500 F from drivers who violate traffic regulations.

    Speeding fines in a hire car
    from 900 FF for exceeding the speed limit by 30 km/h to 40 km/h to 5 000 FF. Some police authoroties are empowered to collect fines of up to €380 on the spot. If you cannot immediately produce your vehicle registration document and driving licence, you may be fined €11.50. Don't speed in a hire car - it's not worth it!

    Car hire branches at Airports in France;

  • Toulouse Airport car hire
  • Boutheon Airport car hire
  • Biarritz Airport car hire
  • Carcassonne Airport car hire
  • Charles de Gaulle Airport car hire
  • Dinard Airport car hire
  • Marseille Airport car hire
  • Mulhouse Airport car hire
  • Strasbourg Airport car hire
  • St Etienne Airport car hire
  • Paris Orly Airport car hire
  • Lyon Airport car hire
  • Nice Airport car hire
  • Marseille Airport car hire

    Car hire throughout France at;
    Lens Limoges Abbeville Agen Aix en Provence Morzine car hire Aix Les Bains Amiens Angers Brive car hire Annecy car hire Antibes Arras Auray Aurillac Auxurre Avallon Avignon Avranches Beaune Beauvais Bergerac Bernay Beziers Biarritz Biarritz Airport car hire Blagnac Airport car hire Bordeaux car hire Boulogne Billancourt Boulogne Sur Mer La Plagne Granville Grasse Nantes car hire Perpignan car hire Bourg En Bresse Bourges Meribel-Mottaret Migennes Nice car hire Monaco Montpellier Grenoble Joigny Pairs Orly Sud car hire St Malo Strasbourg Airport car hire Boutheon Airport car hire St Etienne Brest car hire Le Mans Le Puy Mougins Rochefort car hire La Roche Sur Yon La Rochelle Moutiers Poitiers Strasbourg car hire Cannes Cannes La Bocca Car hire France Carcassonne Le Creusot car hire Le Havre Saint Etienne car hire Lyon Macon St Tropez car hire Carcassonne Airport car hire Castres car hire Car hire France Cavaillon Marseille Airport Perigueux car hire Rennes car hire Chambery Chamonix Cherbourg Charles de Gaulle Airport car hire.

    Clermont, France car hire La Garde Marseille Reims car hire St Omer car hire Cluses Cognac Mulhouse Airport car hire Mulhouse Paris car hire Nice Airport car hire Pau Deauville car hire Dieppe car hire St Etienne car hire Megeve car hire St Germain En Laye car hire Dijon car hire Dinard Airport car hire Moulins Paris Orly Airport car hire Dinard car hire Dunkerque car hire Toulouse Airport car hire Marseille Vitrolles Rodez car hire Fontainebleau France car hire Geneva, France. Nancy car hire Pairs Orly Ouest car hire Nice Port car hire Nimes Sens Metz Toulouse car hire Moissac St Etienne Airport car hire, France.

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